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Sum of All Sense

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To sum it up, most cyclists go 15-20 miles an hour on average (frequently slower, rarely faster). Cars go 30-70 miles an hour on average, with most of the ‘100 million’ miles driven on highways, where it’s around 70 mph. Then the ratio for hours of equivalent participation is about 70/15 (taking the more realistic speeds) = 4.7. So, the more realistic comparison of injury rates per hours of participation is 390/4.7 = 83 injuries per approximately 1,430,000 hours of use. That is much more similar to the rates of injury while driving, and is a more fair metric of comparing activities.  Stay off the roads people!


Written by Dan

December 7, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Common Sense Bashed by Politics

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Once again politics have overshadowed common sense.  The town council met and squashed a proposal to keep bicycles off narrow roads.  Ban supporters had said bicyclists pose a hazard especially when motorists suddenly encounter them as they round a curve or reach the top of a hill.  Bicyclists argued that lowering speed limits would be a better way to reduce the possibility of accidents.  Are you kidding me?  Lower the speed limits on public roads to accommodate bicycle riders in bright colored spandex.  I would have expected a small bucolic town like this to stick firm to their initial statement when they told bikes to “GET OFF THE ROADS”, but like most things in that make sense the politics prevailed.  As a result the spandex laden riders are going to be allowed to continue clogging up the roads.

Written by Dan

October 13, 2010 at 12:37 am

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