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Wikileaks Cables

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The wikileak cables are not going to be found on this site.  In fact, I am sick of hearing about them.  Back to biking…..No one rides as much as they drive/are driven. It is essentially impossible to compare two activities that share nothing in common, for example scuba diving and competitive running, without using a comparable metric. The miles driven vs. ridden are similar only in that they are distance miles, but they are not equivalent in terms of the danger level. Time of participation is a much better metric. While someone may dive ‘only’ 100 feet down, and spend about 45 minutes doing it, a runner can go about 4 miles in the same time (I don’t run much, but that seems about right). Yet, comparing distance travelled is like comparing a chainsaw to an air conditioner.


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December 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm

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