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Black Friday

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While shopping on Black Friday for Christmas gifts you need to be ready for accidents.  If you get struck by a bullet, arrow, knife, stick, or sword you are likely to have a “penetrating” injury.  If one of these items lodge in a vital area of your body (the trunk or eye) removing them may make the problem worse causing you to “bleed out”. If you are not comfortable removing the item yourself, you should find one of the available clerks (as they are trained to do this).  If it is your scalp that gets injured (get scalped) you will need to take additional steps to prevent bleeding out.  The scalp, if struck directly will bleed profusely. If you get “scalped” while shopping you will not likely survive.  Be safe and be ready to help a fellow shopper if they get injured.


Written by Dan

November 24, 2010 at 12:05 pm

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